Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a €60 in Italia e a € 200 per l'estero
Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a €60 in Italia e a € 200 per l'estero

About us

Gioieselli - Siena

A bit of history

In the heart of Siena, a stone’s throw from the fabulous Duomo and the amazing Piazza del Campo, the inspiration for the creation of GioieSelli handcrafted jewelry is born. GioieSelli is an idea.

A fabulous idea comes to life and becomes reality in 2004, from the merging of our experiences in jewelry creation: GioieSelli it’s us! Giovanni and Selene. Combining our passion, always looking for new shapes, colours and materials we make our jewels, loved from our costumers all over the world.

Il Negozio Gioieselli Via di CittàSiena, Creazioni Gioielli fatti a mano

This is how our most appreciated ideas were born: combining the beauty of the natural stones and river pearls and the wonderful shades of the amazing Murano Glass with nickel-free Sterling Silver 925. For the realization of every detail we are supported by qualified artisan workshops of Arezzo, the city famous for sterling silver production, and Murano, the island of the popular Murano Glass.

Giovanni began his experience in 1982 in Milan at an important import-export company specialized in trade of natural stones and jewelry making. Later he developed his own passion for handcraft jewels opening 2 stores in the characteristic Apulian village of Alberobello. In 2004 he engaged in a new project by setting up Gioieselli.

In 1992 Selene started working as an apprentice in Giovanni’s workshop. Thanks to him she became fascinated with the creation of handmade jewelry with natural stones and sterling silver. Strong of this exciting experience, in 2004, she launched in the Gioieselli project.

Every day we make new creations, so the gallery available online is just a small part of our wide range of jewelry.
The handcrafted production does not guarantee the reproducibility of the models to 100%, which is also linked to the availability of the materials.

The Sterling Silver used is 925 and the Murano Glass and all the selected natural stones are originals.


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