Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a €60 in Italia e a € 200 per l'estero
Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a €60 in Italia e a € 200 per l'estero

Classic Amber-Sterling Silver Pendant with natural honey Amber


Oval smooth cabochon. Length 1,18 inches. Chain length: 18 inches.

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Classic Amber is a Sterling Silver Pendant with natural honey Amber. Its oval  shape make it a classic model with amazing inclusions. The chain included in the price is in Sterling Silver 925. Chain length: 18 inches.

Amber is an organic stone, a fossilized coniferous resin that is the product of nature’s alchemy which over millions of years has created wonderful “Gems” from fossilized resins.  The most precious varieties are those that incorporate, magically perpetuating the gifts of nature, ancient plant or animal organisms like insects, flowers, leaves, plant buds, and fragments of wood. Amber is the first precious stone in history that has a reputation for having miraculous properties: it has been used as an amulet for more than 7,000 years. It is found mainly in lignite deposits: In millions of years the resin that poured to the ground finished underground and thus “aged” in a process of mineralization, thereby becoming hard and transparent.

Amber is electrified by rubbing and has aromatic scents. According to crystal therapy, Amber is a natural protection against illness. It has beneficial effects for the stomach, the spleen, the kidneys, the skin, and teeth as well as against rheumatism and headaches. It defends against inflammation, infections, tonsillitis and respiratory diseases. It is helpful in the sexual sphere. It is considered a powerful lucky charm attracting friendship, love and success. Zodiac sign: Leo.