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Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a €60 in Italia e a € 200 per l'estero

Purple Moon-Sterling Silver Earrings with Amethyst and Moonstone


Length 1 inches.

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The Purple Moon Earrings are handmade in 925 Sterling Silver and without Nickel. They are very elegant and unique.

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Amethyst is a splendid purple gem that is found naturally in the form of crystals inside geodes.

According to crystal therapy, the properties of the amethyst are manifold: it removes nightmares and strengthens the ability to dream. In addition, it is be particularly useful to increase self-esteem and strengthen the will and self-control. It helps curing and dissolving migraines of nervous origin and affections of the eyes. If you put an amethyst in your face cream this would have anti-acne quality. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

Singular and fascinating, the Moonstone has a magnificent pearly reflection, white or blue, reminiscent of the light of the night star. The Moonstone is also called Adularia, and this reflective effect, in which it excels among the gems, is therefore called adularescence. By its nature it has always been associated with the moon, the feminine and the mystery of dreams and the unconscious. Due to its lunar and feminine nature, in crystal therapy, the Moonstone especially helps women, in particular to overcome problems related to the menstrual cycle, childbirth and menopause. Zodiac sign: Cancer.